“With her extensive state and national network in health education and classroom experience, Jess has provided us with unique expertise in program development and distribution. Her role in coalitions in our state is appreciated and respected. We highly value Jess as partner in health education.”—Anne Goetze, Director Nutrition Education Services/Oregon

“Jess is a vibrant and engaging trainer that kept the participants of a recent HECAT training enthralled and involved for the entire training.  Her health education knowledge is extensive and the fact that she is a former teacher lends creditability with the participants in completing the HECAT process.” —Victoria Greenwell, Coordinated School Health Administrator, Kentucky Department of Education

“Jess is an amazing facilitator.  She creatively engaged youth and guided them through a consensus building exercise to achieve impressive outcomes.  I learned a lot from working with her.” —Jamie Zentner, School Based Health Center Coordinator, Clackamas County Community Health

"Jess is an outstanding facilitator and trainer who is extremely knowledgeable, not only in content material, but also in the area of engaging adult learners. Her facilitation style is one of total energy and engagement and is filled with fun and humor. She is highly committed to improving the health of all children and is always eager to share her knowledge and adapt her trainings to meet the needs of her clientele." —Julane Hill, Coordinated School Health Director, Nebraska Department of Education

“Good trainers know how to present material and keep the audience engaged and looking forward to more. That's what Jess did in a recent HECAT training I attended. She really knew her content, answered questions clearly, and gave participants the opportunity to apply the material to their particular setting.” —Barbara Kemp Huberman, Director of Education and Outreach, Advocates for Youth

“Jess was an amazing facilitator! She was patient and engaging with our group and really related to all of us. She knew the game forwards and backwards and knew how to ask the right questions during debriefs to really make us think. I really enjoyed my morning playing the game with Jess!” Sophia Kecskes, Multnomah Youth Commissioner, Cleveland High School Senior

“It was so great to have Jess work with our program.  Jess brought passion, intellect, and life to her facilitation.  Her honest and direct communication style set the tone for authentic engagement which lead to rewarding outcomes.  The Multnomah Youth Commission was focused, interested and engaged the entire Systems Thinking Systems Changing simulation experience. Jess answered questions, gave feedback, and challenged the youth to expand their knowledge of the work they do regarding policy.  We are fortunate her home base is in Portland because we want her back for more.” Marc Fernandes, Youth Development Coordinator, Multnomah County