Content Experts

Cairn Guidance brings decades of experience in education and adolescent/school health at the local, state, and national levels. We have the extensive knowledge and skills to support, collaborate and lead the work of creating healthier schools and communities. As content experts in the field, we have supported organizations through:

  • Strategic development: environmental scans, policy analysis, research reviews, position papers.

  • Partnership development: managing large national conferences, school and public health panels/summits, supporting local and national coalitions.

  • Project management and evaluation including implementation of grants and organizational strategies

Cairn Guidance brings a wide range of expertise in education and adolescent/school health, but has specific expertise in:

  • Advancing systems change to integrate health in education

  • Partnering with schools to implement a sustainable school health initiative

  • Health education and physical education best practices

  • Curriculum development

  • Positive Youth Development and building youth-adult partnerships

  • Increasing access to and utilization of preventive services, including working with SBHCs, school nurses and other professionals

  • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Framework

  • Creating Sustainable School Health Programs

  • Integrating School Health Programs, Practices and Policies in School Improvement Plans

  • Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

  • Creating Successful Partnerships with Schools

Cairn Guidance has been an invaluable consultant and team member for the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative for our largest annual event over the last several years. The role requires that her team hits the ground running with little infrastructure while supporting multiple, high-level stakeholders who span the public, private and philanthropic sectors. Each time they excel at managing a myriad of competing details while keeping our desired, big picture outcome firmly in place. Jessica, the Director, is at ease with everyone and instantly ingratiates herself with all teams and stakeholders which has been key to her success and ours.”
— Rain Henderson, CEO Clinton Health Matters Initiative

Curricula & Materials

Cairn Guidance currently works with different agencies and organizations to develop curriculum that meets the learning styles of the audience, achieves the learning objectives and elicits audience participation. Our work includes developing:

  • State and National Content Health Education Standards

  • Classroom Health Curriculum Programs

  • After-School Programs

  • Developing materials and establishing systems for a district or statewide cadre of trainers

Presentations and Keynote

Cairn Guidance provides keynote and workshop presentations for professional conferences and other events. Previous speaking engagements and workshop topics include:

  • Keynote, Do Something Extraordinary

  • Every Student Succeeds Act Legislation expertise and consulting

  • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Framework expertise

  • Encouraging Youth to Have a Voice in Advocacy

  • Creating Sustainable School Health Programs

  • Integrating School Health Programs, Practices and Policies in School Improvement Plans

  • National Health Education Standards (NHES)

  • Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

  • Creating Successful Partnerships with Schools

  • Facilitating Role Plays in the Health Education Classroom

Jess Lawrence’s presentation at our meeting of school leaders was interrupted several times by standing ovations. It was highly entertaining and profoundly inspiring. Nobody in the audience will forget the powerful life lessons she taught so memorably.
— Howell Wechsler, CEO of Alliance for a Healthier Generation


Jess is an amazing facilitator. She creatively engaged youth and guided them through a consensus building exercise to achieve impressive outcomes. I learned a lot from working with her.
— Jamie Zentner, School Based Health Center Coordinator, Clackamas County Community Health

Cairn Guidance works with clients to develop and facilitate engaging programs for participants. By focusing on the needs of the audience, we craft a program that will encourage fun, active participation while meeting the chosen objectives within the allotted time. All facilitation services include development of agenda, activities and evaluation materials. Some examples of our facilitation work include: