Cairn Guidance is working with the Dove Self-Esteem Project (DSEP) to spread implementation of a middle school curriculum program (Confident Me!) created to help young people develop a positive relationship with the way they look (body confidence). The DSEP has been implemented in over 112 countries and Cairn Guidance is charged with bringing the curriculum to young people in the United States. It is generally implemented in middle school health classes and there are two programs available- a 45-minute, single lesson or five 45-minute lessons. Go here  for more information on the program.

The DSEP Cadre began in 2017 and we are excited to continue and expand. The Cadre will be responsible for presenting the Confident Me Program to schools and districts in their region, market the program via social media, newsletters and listservs, offering regional training opportunities (virtual and in person) and presenting and exhibiting at state and regional conferences.

Cadre Trainer Qualifications

We are looking for cadre trainers that would reach at least 150 educators in their region for an annual stipend. This is not a part time or full time job, but rather an opportunity to be part of a national cadre that meets once in person during the year and with regular evening calls. Each trainer will work with our Coordinator to establish a customized work plan to get to their 150 reach. Cadre trainers will have had at least three years experience providing professional development and training to educators in some way. Cadre trainers will have extensive knowledge in the field of health education due to professional development events for their own growth and learning each year.

A Bachelor and preferably Masters or related degree in the field of education, school health, public health, school counseling, school nursing, social work or related field.

2019 Cadre Trainer Expectations

  • Submit an updated W9, driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.

  • Participate in four one-hour on-boarding Program and Process Update webinars in the first quarter of the program year.  The webinars will include foundational processes, program updates, and the new travel process with Gant Travel.

  • Required attendance at the Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop, all expenses paid, including substitute costs (if applicable). The ToT will be at least 1½ and no more than two days.  Tentative Dates are: May 3-5, 2019 or June 25-27, 2019.

  • Reach at least 150 educators in your region. Can be in person or via webinar. Reach is counted when an educator completes a Reach Form (or other approved method) that indicates intention to implement and student reach.

  • Participate in at least one educational Cairn Guidance/DSEP webinar or Twitter Chat.  Content may include: applying to present at conferences, using social media; evaluation on being part of the cadre; opportunities/challenges, potential next steps.

  • Participate in six check-ins with the Cadre Coordinator, three individual and three regional calls.

  • Be responsive to requests via email and telephone (return within 72 hours a guideline).

  • Maintain an up-to-date work plan (monthly update)

  • Apply to exhibit and present at one or more regional or state conferences or other activity/event.  The target audience is to include middle school educators (not after-school educators).

  • Actively engage in social media strategies related to sharing/marketing/outreach of the Dove Self Esteem Program.  You will receive support from the Coordinator.

  • Follow DSEP Cadre presentation/training guidelines and effective practices for training.

  • Distribute USBs and other collateral as applicable.

  • Maintain a professional communication strategy, representing DSEP and use #DovePartner and #DoveSelfEsteem when posting on social media.  

Payment Guidelines

Cadre trainers will receive a stipend of up to $3000.00 at the end of the year after successful completion of expectations.  The expectation is a minimum of 150 reached.

Reimbursement Guidelines

All travel will be booked directly through Gant Travel. Cadre trainers will follow all established procedures and protocols for travel.  Trainers will be trained on process and procedures as an on-boarding activity.

Cadre trainers will receive a travel budget of $1100.00 plus a restricted $400.00 to go towards registration or exhibit fees for a conference.  Travel costs for in-person events include mileage, flights, luggage, hotel, per diem meals, registrations, exhibit costs, sponsorship costs, substitute teachers, etc. Cairn Guidance has entered into an agreement with Gant Travel allowing travel costs (airline, most hotels) to be encumbered without the cadre trainer using their personal credit cards or funds.

All travel will go through an approval process by the Coordinator to maximize reach and use of funds. The cadre trainer’s purchase of travel up front with reimbursement shall not be a barrier to being on the cadre. Cadre trainers can work with the Cairn Guidance team if there is a financial hardship to paying for own their travel, with certain exceptions.

Application- Is here. All applications are due by January 25th.