New Curriculum for Middle School Students - AXE Generation Unlabeled is Here!

We are thrilled to announce that Generation Unlabeled is here! Generation Unlabeled is a new curriculum comprised of five, no cost, interactive lessons that cover a range of topics – from toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes to inclusivity. The program asks middle school students to analyze today’s society and culture, themselves, and conclude with a call to action, like revising a school policy to be more inclusive.

We developed the curriculum with support from a group of national experts and we piloted the curriculum with over 800 middle school students across the country!

Generation Unlabeled is a collaboration between Cairn Guidance and AXE, with generous funding provided by AXE.

Each lesson is intended to be implemented in about 55 minutes and contains:

  • Educator’s Guide

  • Presentation

  • Activities and Handouts

Some of the Objectives of the five lessons are to:

  • Introduce students to terms and definitions related to gender, and identify ways in which gender expectations may be harmful.

  • Examine how internal and external influences contribute to gender expectations.

  • Explore the personal impact gender expectations have on students and their peers.

  • Examine how fears related to differences and/or gender expectations may impede communication and relationships.

  • Promote the importance of building relationships based on respect for others despite differences including gender.

Want to know more about Generation Unlabeled and download it at no cost? Check it out here!

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