KAHPERD Health Education Cadre of Trainers- Call for Applications!

The Kentucky Association for Health, PE, Recreation and Dance (KAHPERD) is looking for educators with a background in school/classroom health education. Any interested applicant can click on this link and apply by February 15. Applications will be reviewed and scored by Board of Directors members and a performance checklist on how they will be scored is within the application.

Thank you for your interest in the KAHPERD cadre of teacher trainers!  Please complete all questions on this application and make sure you have read and understand the attached qualifications and expectations.


KAHPERD Cadre Background 

The KAHPERD Board of Directors supports the development of a health education cadre over the 2019 fiscal calendar year, with hopes to sustain into the future. The goals/objectives of this cadre will be to:

  • Create a pathway for strong, relevant professional development for health teachers in Kentucky;

  • Encourage cadre trainers to be health education leaders in their regions, therefore providing support to others and advocating at the local, state and national levels;

  • Share with cadre trainers the most up to date, research practices in the health education field;

  • Encourage trainers to present at least one health education session at KAHPERD each year and recruit others to do the same; and

  • Build Kentucky’s pool of health education contacts to further ensure strong representation on state level content panels and other opportunities to inform education and legislative leaders.


2019 Cadre Expectations

  • A Bachelor and preferably Masters or related degree in the field of education.

  • Commit to one year, with the intention of staying on beyond that.

  • Apply to present a health education session at KAHPERD (can be in partnership with another trainer or educator)

  • Support the field of health education (i.e., promote and use evidence-based practices, discuss what you do with school leaders, etc.)

  • Participate in strategic planning sessions as a group to determine what Kentucky Health Teachers might need for PD and support.

  • Attend the Cadre retreat, date TBD (but expect it to be 2-2.5 days in length, all expenses paid

  • Participate in 1-2 hour video-calls at least every other month.

  •  The first year of Cadre membership is a probationary year.  Periodic performance reviews will be conducted by the Cadre coordinators.

Applications are due on Friday February 15, 2019.  Please submit your completed application and attachments via email to Jess Lawrence at jess@cairnguidance.com You will receive a confirmation email, if you do not, please call Jess at 503.784.2932

To apply, click here.