Cairn Guidance is now part of the Innovation Launchpad!

Post by Samantha Lowe

Cairn Guidance has recently made the move into a co-work space in downtown Morehead, KY. A co-workspace in Morehead?! I know, I was shocked as well. But nestled down by the Fuzzy Duck Coffee Shop on Main Street, there is a network of eager students and growing business owners. Since its’ creation, the Innovation Network has opened 13 locations throughout Kentucky, with the intent of "encouraging relationships, grow new and existing companies and create jobs". Each location is staffed by experienced and educated local business leaders to offer mentorship and support on entrepreneurial quests. Morehead's location also offers unique services to university students with workspaces, 3D printing services, and business creation mentorship.

The Innovation Network is partnered with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and has assisted over 1,300 companies, helped raise $785 million in funding for said companies, and supported over 6,500 Kentucky jobs. With a strong focus on STEM technologies and businesses, this is the type of job creation and support that Kentuckians need for a brighter economic future. The Innovation Network is a progressive idea in a small town and Cairn Guidance is excited to support and engage in our community’s growth! Since college is currently not in session, the space has been quiet and comfortable, and I am excited to see how it changes when classes begin!

To find more information on the Morehead Location please visit:

To find more information on the Innovation Network please visit: