Every Student Succeeds Act: A Snapshot of State Plans

States are in the process of finalizing their plans for implementation of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA gives states new opportunities to more fully integrate health into education policy and practices. Several policy and funding provisions in ESSA are aimed toward supporting student social-emotional, physical, and mental health and ensuring that all students attend school in a safe, supportive environment.

Cairn Guidance is launching a State ESSA Plan Webpage for educators, school health professionals, parents, students and other champions to use as a tool to quickly see what their state’s ESSA plan includes in key sections around supporting the whole child; comparing that to other states across the country; seeing the strengths of the plan; and sharing opportunities for improvement or continued advocacy.

The plans are dynamic and changing, as many states have opportunities for public comment or input in the coming weeks and months. We are also monitoring developments in state plans due to the release of modified guidance from the US Department of Education.Please continue to check back as more and more state plans will be added. Also, please reach out to liz@cairnguidance.com if you have feedback, comments or suggestions to your state’s ESSA Plan overview.

Any interest in technical assistance related to these state plans? Examples of what to say at a town hall event? Need examples of specific content to email your Superintendent or Commissioner? Dr. Kymm Ballard is a proud partner of ours working on this project. Contact her for support and technical assistance at: ncpe4kids@gmail.com