Happy Holidays from the Cairn Guidance Team!

It's been a huge year for the Cairn Guidance team! Below are our personal thoughts on the year, including the organizations/people we hold dear and hope you look them up, follow and support!

From Samantha:
2017 has been a year of growth, both personally and professionally. Travels have sent me across the United States allowing me to become comfortable and confident in traveling alone, while also making me miss a place I was dying to leave a year ago (something I never thought would happen). 2017 has been a year of change, in some aspects it has been terrifying in other aspects it has been terrifying, but with a dash of excitement. So overall, terrifying, but in an enjoyable kinda way. I have felt overwhelmed with acceptance into a company and I am excited to how it will continue to grow within the upcoming years. I am grateful to be able to work with such amazing ladies, and I am super excited to welcome our new team member! I am forever grateful for my first ”adult” position and the ability to influence change. 

From Liz:
Let’s be honest, 2017 was kind of a doozy. But when I reflect back on 2017, I have nothing but gratitude for the people I have gotten to meet and work with. Whether it was school district staff working to improve systems around suicide prevention, health educators helping their students become more body confident, or school nurses finding their strategic vision, over and over again I was reminded of the passion, tenacity and heart of folks working in this field. For me, 2017 has only clarified the need for our work, and strengthened my resolve to be an advocate working side by side with all of the educators, non-profits, and state agencies to to help our young people reach their full potential. This year, I’m supporting the following organizations that embody this many times over.
Women’s Foundation of Oregon
Momentum Alliance
Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette

From Antionette:
Who knew my 2017 would end like this!  I am working with an amazing group of people in a professional life that allows me to experience facilitating professional development and coordinate a cadre of very talented, dedicated individuals.  I am excited about these opportunities and am looking forward to the adventures 2018 holds. There is so much to be done. We have a tremendous responsibility to provide positive, life impacting experiences for our youth.  If we do not have our health and feel safe and loved, so much else is questionable.  Our youth deserve to live the healthiest, happiest lives we can give them and we have to give them the best.
I continue to hold the mission and efforts of the Children’s Home Society close to my heart.

From Jess:
2017 has been our biggest year since Cairn Guidance opened it's doors over ten years ago. Biggest in terms of revenue, staff growth, number of clients and projects. It also meant time on the road. That means our team leaves home, families, dogs and travels for work. Not an easy task. Something we all balance with our love for travel and love for our work, but still takes a toll. I appreciate our small but mighty team and wake up everyday thankful for the work I get to do to create healthier lives! I decided to support the following friends that are running for Governorship and Congress, one a Muslim public health leader and the other, a woman. Not just amazing human beings, but minorities from a political leadership perspective. Something I embrace and value so that all Americans are represented and heard.
David Ermold running locally in my town for County Clerk to mis-seat Kim Davis!
Abdul El Sayed for Governor of Michigan
Haley Stevens for Congress (Michigan)