New Year, New Goals

Recently, Cairn Guidance has taken an initiative to ensure all staff are reaching their full potential by supporting an environment of physical and mental wellness, while encouraging personal and professional life balance. This was accomplished by all staff members completing a personal wellness plan, consisting of three long-term yearly goals. While some view New Year's resolutions as setting yourself up to fail, I do not agree. While long term goals are less likely to be achieved, you just have to know how to structure your goal to make it achievable! It is beneficial to set short term goals that will eventually lead to your long term goal achievement!

Life experiences in 2016, forced me to reevaluate who I was and set a new identity for myself. While this is a slow process, I have found that spending time with the right people takes some of the sharp edges off the process. Because of this I attempted to set goals that not only focused on the outer layers of personal development (appearance/performance) but also the inside (intellectual). I will now share my three personal yearly wellness goals with you.

1.) Drink more water! - While this seems like an easy goal to achieve I believe it will be hardest for me! I LOVE coffee and tea, so sometimes water falls to the way side because it is not nearly as delicious. To achieve this goal I have broken it down into three smaller goals, for the first 3 months I will attempt to drink four 20oz servings a day, increasing the next 3 months to 6 20oz servings a day, and then rounding out the last 6 months of the year with eight 20oz servings a day.

2.) Train/Workout 3 times a week - While I am a moderately active person, there are many areas I would like to improve. I have broken this goal down into weekly obtainable goals; one training day will be with my boyfriend Brandon (who is a MMA coach and amazingly supportive), the second day will be dedicated to increasing flexibility/gymnastics/hula hopping skills, while the third day will be a heavy cardio/circuit training day!

3.) Mental Health Goal; Read more! - Since graduating from my Morehead State Master's program, I have not read a single scientific article! While this is probably because I was reading 200+ pages a week and became a little burnt out on the subject of psychology, I feel myself feeling guilty for not being on the forefront of psychological research. This goal includes reading at least 30 scientific articles within the year and 7 books for leisure. This goal will be the most attainable, my boyfriend and I read books aloud together and we are currently engulfed in (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK)  Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahnuik AND I received two new books for the Holidays that I am very excited to read!

I am very dedicated and excited to achieve my yearly wellness goals, and while I may have times where my motivation lacks, I know that I am on the path to a better me!