Balance During the Holidays

Last month, the Cairn Guidance team spent two days working on our new five year strategic plan. We came up with three big strategic directions, including:

  • Positioning for Growth and Sustainability;
  • Equipping Educators to Institute School Health; and
  • Building a Team Culture of Wellness and Balance.

It's an exciting time to have an exceptional team in place. We are growing in many ways! We've tripled our staff and increased the number of clients we have at any given time from an average of 8 to 14. We have diversified our geographic reach in the United States and the content we are working on has broadened.

With growth, as exciting as it is, comes more hours, increased number of proposal to write, calls, meetings, invoices, and of course, more stress. Because our team prioritized balance and wellness for ourselves, I'm excited to plan what this really means for us internally. How do we take care of ourselves so that we can continue to be present, commit the time and energy to fulfill our mission of creating places of health and well-being where all youth are healthy, connected, educated and achieving their full potential?

Next week, our team will begin to take a deep dive into the Building a Team Culture of Wellness and Balance portion of our strategic plan and set achievable goals and timelines. We'll keep you posted and encourage you to continue to take care of YOU first, even if you have a staff, clients, life partner, spouse or children! 

Happy Holidays from the Cairn Guidance Team!
Jess, Liz, and Samantha