The Best of...

Many people ask me how I started my own business with a uncommon transition from middle school teacher to national consultant. Ten years ago this past August, with the support of my husband at the time, I took a leap of faith and started a national school health consulting firm. I may have had the content expertise, vision, and determination, but I surrounded myself with advisors, friends and family that were 100% supportive. My dad, Rick, was a business owner of the The Lawrence Associates, a small architecture firm in Connecticut that my grandfather started. Even though, as an adolescent, I never imagined myself running a business, I reflect on the regular dinner conversations between mom and dad about contracts, RFPs, RFAs, board meetings, site visits and budgets. Those topics were incredibly boring to my brother and I at the time, but I have to believe via osmosis (aka selective listening), I picked up on his experience and possibly inherited his ability to be a successful small business owner (thanks Dad!).

Here is a list of my personal best of. This list includes advisors, supports, coaches, resources, software programs and objects I use to help me be the best at what I love to do. Enjoy, and hope someone finds them helpful- either personally or professionally!

Best Business Coach: MJ Petroni, Causeit

Best Accountant: Judy Johnson

Best Financial Advisor: Koko Hunt

Best therapist: Lisa Miller, Calm Center

Best online to-do lists and task management: Remember the Milk

Best acupuncture: Stacey McCarthy

Best graphic designers: Patti Bateman (Portland) and Jessi Robinson (Mt. Sterling KY)

Best yoga retreat:  Awakening into the Sacred, Breitenbush, Oregon

Best personal trainer: Aaron Simpson, Kinetic Integration Portland Oregon

Best invoicing program: Freshbooks

Best place for your files: Dropbox

Best scanning app: TurboScan

Best #YouGoGirl professional podcast: Being Boss

Best haircut: Lyda Alvarez: Portland Oregon

Best work bag: Graf & Lantz