Foundations of Health Education

I knew I was working with a great group of teachers when they were asked by their District Coordinator, Tempe Beall, to introduce themselves and share which National Health Education Standard they enjoyed teaching the most. I loved hearing things like, "I have my students role plays to practice interpersonal communication and self-management." "I love teaching students accessing information; accessing valid and reliable sources to promote health."

I really enjoyed your presentation today - from the small, funny anecdotal stories that we all could relate to, to the practical skills you demonstrated, it was a worthwhile and pleasant morning.
— Allison Sneller, Long Reach High School, Health Education
Participating in effective practices activity.

Participating in effective practices activity.

It's always a great day when I have the chance to work directly with health education specialists. Last week, I had the great opportunity to work with about 30 secondary health teachers from Howard County Public School System in Maryland. My objective was to review the the Foundations of Health Education. I was tasked to reinforce what most of them already know, but add content and teaching strategies to help build their portfolio of effective teaching strategies. We did activities around the Youth Risk Behavior Survey data (using data to drive curricular decisions) and the National Health Education Standards and Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool. We reviewed their district health education policy, something many of them weren't familiar with. We spent some time discussing the effective practices in health education. I wanted to make sure all educators are implementing practices that we know (based in research) contribute to the adoption or maintenance of health-promoting behaviors and/or outcomes. 

Thanks to an engaging group of teachers! They were so committed to health education and truly do believe that health is core. Thanks to those that reached out to me after the training and gave me some specific feedback. It's always appreciated!

I cannot thank you enough for your workshop today. It went above and beyond our expectations and you totally won over our teachers. They raved about you and your message and walked away inspired and energized.
— Tempe Beall, Health Education Instructional Facilitator
Jess, thank you so much for sharing your passion, wealth of knowledge and expertise with us today.
— Andrea Shavers, Murray Hill Middle School, Health Educator