Stay-cation; Holiday 2015

The past two years, I have served as the content lead for the Clinton Health Matters Conference, a conference attached to the Humana Challenge in Palm Springs CA. This experience was incomparable to other contracts I've had. Working with organizations, business and individuals making huge investments in the health and wellbeing of Americans was inspiring, exhilarating and incredibly powerful.

Workphoto 2.jpg

As the Clinton Health Matters team has grown over the years, their ability to do the content lead role internally has become more feasible. Sadly, I wasn't able to work with the team full-time December and January as I have the past two years, however, their ability to continue to grow a strong, dedicated team of passionate people has been impressive (I still get to work with them at their Blueprint events!).

What did not working 50+ hours a week from December 1- mid-January mean for me? Yes, less revenue. However, more time over the holidays. 

I spent two weeks on a stay-cation. I went to the movies. I ran regularly. I spent time with my partner and his family. I sewed. I read the New York Times front to back. I did a 500 piece puzzle. I lounged and cooked food. It was amazing. And necessary. 

I feel rejuvenated and energized. And with that increased energy comes opportunities to do more, to create healthier communities, to build more partnerships, to collaborate with new people, to innovate.

We have new projects coming up that we are excited about that we'll share soon. In the meantime, I encourage you to book at stay-cation. Stay at home, shut down your laptop, ignore your phone on the counter all day and get recharged!