RMC Health Board of Directors Meeting

Years ago, in 2004, I joined the Society of State Leaders of Health and PE. I was a State Director for Health Education at the Oregon Department of Education. At the time, Sharon Murray was the Executive Director and it was an introduction into my work connections and relationship building nationally. Years later, Sharon would accept the position of the President of RMC Health, a non-profit organization working to strengthen the effectiveness of those working to improve the health and well-being of children and youth. I knew of RMC Health, when they were the primary professional development (PD) organization of all our states funded to do Coordinated School Health work. So, between my membership with Society and RMC Health providing PD support to Oregon, I've known both Sharon and the work of RMC Health for about ten years. 

A year ago, Sharon approached me about being on the Board of Directors and after giving it some thought (mostly determining my capacity), I decided to commit to being on the RMC Board because:

  • I believe in their mission and vision;
  • It is a great opportunity to continue to build partnerships and relationships;
  • I am passionate about making schools healthier places and paid work isn’t the only way to do it;
  • Growing an organization, with intention, is exciting work;
  • I want to learn and grow professionally and this opportunity offers that.

You can ready more on why I joined the Board in this blog post dated November 20, 2013 here

We have Board meetings every other month via video conference, however, once a year we come to Colorado and meet in person. Today was our annual in-person meeting at the Pepsi Center. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the rest of the Board in person and engage with RMC Health's Leadership Team. And, the entire staff joined us for some networking at the end of the day.

RMC Health Board of Directors and Leadership Team

RMC Health Board of Directors and Leadership Team

I truly believe that RMC Health provides state of the art PD for educators in the field. Our vision is healthy children and youth and the work leads us there! I am honored to be a part of an organization moving the needle on kids health. The leadership and staff at RMC Health are extraordinary and I feel incredibly valued and appreciated being part of this great team!