Dominic's Life


I see his photo for the first time and I immediately feel like he's a part of me. Is it because I know he's my nephew or is it that seeing his photo registers physical familiarity in my brain? Either way, I'm an aunt now. I don't have my own children and so this feels as close to having one of your own, which I know really isn't close at all. But nonetheless, I'm excited to be an aunt. His name is Dominic Cordeiro Lawrence and he was born today, March 5. 

What do I hope for my nephew's life? Here is my top ten list. I know I can contribute to ensuring he gets many of these things...
1. Love
2. Health
3. Security
4. Community
5. Companionship/Friendship
6. Curiosity
7. Adventure
8. Happiness
9. Peace
10. Fulfillment 

As the aunt, today was calm and pain-free and not at all filled with sleep deprivation! I am here to provide support and love to my brother, David and sister-in-law Cassia as needed. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the flexibility to be here for them as we welcome the newest addition to our already awesome family!

with love,