Genuineness and Accessibility

Yesterday was what I call, a "home day". Those days, I have the opportunity to focus on local meetings and work. Most of my consulting business keeps me in my office (when not traveling 50% of the time) working in, with and on communities from afar. Yesterday was a Louisville day. Which is exciting considering I just relocated here in November. I started my day with a walk over to tea at a place downtown with a new friend, Sarah, who works in Congressman Yarmouth's office. I met her at a New2Lou event and since then we have tried to regularly connect. We are both passionate about health and have similar stories- strong, active, divorced women. It's great to connect with her on personal and professional issues. From there I walked to Humana and met with the Humana Foundation. I ate lunch in their yummy cafeteria and met with Jeannette. We chatted about some of the work the Foundation is doing and alignment to the work I do. I then walked over to the building where Chrysalis Ventures is, a growth capital company that funds transformative businesses in the industries of healthcare and technology. I was connected to them through a mutual friend and it was a wonderful conversation about my relocation here to Louisville, and the intersections of our work. I then walked back towards my apartment late afternoon and met briefly with Kristi King at the UofL, Jamie Sparks from KY DOE and Ben, ED from the YMCA Youth Association. They were planning a presentation for next week's Southern District AAHPERD in Lexington and I was invited to 'crash' the party for a little and meet both Kristi and Ben. In a small world way, a lot of the people I met with yesterday know each other and David Jones from Chrysalis, Ben from the YMCA and I are all speaking at the upcoming Best of Leadership Louisville Summit March 18.
PHEW! What a fabulous day. Commuted by walking to four meetings, all around local community issues in my new town. All passionate, genuine and accessible people looking to collaborate on things we find important. Life is good when you begin feeling part of a community…! Life is good here. Very good.