Jefferson County Coordinated School Health Steering Committee Meeting

Jefferson County Public Schools in which Louisville is a part, has a district Coordinated School Health (CSH) Committee. It's an impressive group that represents internal and external partners, the way a district wellness committee should be. It demonstrates partnership and collaboration and diverse stakeholders and that schools can't do this work alone. 

The meeting is facilitated by Bonnie Ciarroccki, the Coordinator for Health Services/Health Promotion Schools of Excellence. I've been invited to sit on this committee as a community member and it's really nice to be hearing local successes and challenges again. I really appreciate this group inviting me to the table. Tuesday of this week we had a meeting and we reviewed a SharePoint site (for internal school administrators) that this committee (prior to me!) has worked so hard on. The website works off CDCs Coordinated School Health Components. When you click on the different components, there is a visual that shares federal, state and local policies that fit into that component, a great resource for administrators. We are now working on best practices within each of the components to share. So, if an administrator wants to do something around staff wellness, he/she can see any policies related to that component and best practices around implementing staff wellness programs. It's a great resource and the hope is we have more schools implementing school health programs within our district. 

We have the following representation on this diverse committee:

Health Services
Family Resource and Youth Service Center Director
Nutrition Services
Counseling and Psychology
Practical living
Health Promotion Schools of excellence
Kentucky Department of Education 
Metro Health Department
Center for Health Equity
District PTA
SBDM Specialist
Seven Counties
Parent Assistance Center
…and me, Community Member! :)