Employee Mental Wellness

I'm a school health consulting biz... so why am I working with a large Senior Living Business called Gulf Coast Health Care (GCHC)? Well, some of my work is outside of school health. For example, I'm working with Alta Planning in Grand Rapids MI, funded by Department of Transportation on helping create a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. I've developed programs for the Peace Corps and worked in Homer, Alaska to facilitate a public health plan for their community.

My work with GCHC came to be as a result of meeting a colleague doing mental health work in schools. Through that connection, I met Kim Warnecke who is leading up the Employee Wellness plan for GCHC, an organization with 45 senior living centers and 6,000 employees. We are working on Wellness, Head to Toe for their employees. Including, mental wellness. Our plan is to create a kick-off event end of February/early March in Pensacola FL and follow the kick-off with awareness and access for all 6,000 employees. From there, we will begin to plan some programmatic options for what their 45 centers may work on within their sites... from employee sleep to stress to support and linking to services. 

I love working with Kim and coming to their office in Pensacola. The administrative and leadership team here is an impressive group of people. Stay tuned on more employee wellness work that includes mental health/wellness for staff!