Introducing... Charisse Poynter!

Cairn Guidance Consulting is continuously growing. As a part of this continued growth, we have begun hiring a support team.  With that being said, I am very proud to welcome Charisse Poynter, the newest member to Cairn Guidance’s team!

As the new Executive Assistant for Cairn Guidance Consulting, Charisse will utilize over 10 years of directly related experience in managing and improving the daily functionality of Cairn operations.  Charisse is proficient in working independently and in team-based environments, which makes her highly adaptable in self-motivating or group work atmospheres as required. Her excellent verbal, written communication and people skills will prove vital as the point of contact with daily communications with clients, managing projects and in the daily functions at Cairn. 

Charisse’s professional experience highlights opportunities with non-profit organizations that equipped her with a variety of skill sets in the fields of Office Administration and Executive Services, Human Resources, Contract Administration and Project Coordination and Management, which exceed the expectations for her vital role at Cairn.  Charisse’s experience in Contract Administration enables her to aptly manage contracts, and to develop and maintain client relationships. She considers multi-tasking, to include organization and prioritization skills, listening and communication skills to be some of her greatest assets.  A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she prides herself in quality work that meets required time constraints.

Charisse is highly computer proficient, and is very skillful in multi-tasking, organization, researching, trouble-shooting social media/blogging, and effectively managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Having been a military dependent (living in Germany for many of her adolescent years), and a former military wife, she is well traveled and socially competent, feeling right at home in almost any given situation.  She attributes her military experiences as giving her the ability to think on her feet, and to learn and adapt quickly.

Charisse’s personal mission of choosing a healthy lifestyle led her to start her own blog to encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle while sharing her own experiences. She is excited to expand her vision of a healthy lifestyle through the promotion of healthy schools for children.  Her interest in healthy lifestyle evolution and in social media will greatly benefit Cairn’s social connection.

Charisse is successfully pursuing her BA in Organizational Management specializing in Project Management at Ashford University.  After graduation she plans to continue her educational pursuits by earning her Master’s degree in Project Management.

I’m very excited to welcome Charisse to the Cairn team and begin introducing her to colleagues and partners! Feel free to contact her at