Application Transfer

I find it fascinating when the work we do, experiences we have and the products we design transfer into another project or component of our lives.

Years ago, Ecumenical Industries of Oregon received a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to develop a needs assessment tool to help faith-based organizations address healthy eating and physical activity within their faith-based environments. I was brought on board to help adapt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's School Health Index (SHI) into the Congressional Health Index (CHI). The SHI, became the CHI. Application transfer.

More recently, I'm working on a large project with multiple partners to work on bicycle and pedestrian safety (and encouragement) within the City of Grand Rapids; Traffic Safety Department. One of the first tasks is to do an environmental scan for adult bicycle, pedestrian and motorist curricula, collect it and review it. In the meantime, a team is reviewing city crash and accident data. The lightbulb went off when I realized... we have a curriculum analysis tool example! While reviewing the adult bike and pedestrian curricula out there, why not develop an analysis tool modeled after the one I'm just a little familiar with (sarcasm)? And, so the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT) will be adapted to become the BiCAT, Bicycle Curriculum Analysis Tool!

Application Transfer.