Life/work Balance


Note: I'm back working again, so my work blog is updated more regularly. To follow me, go to or Twitter handle @cairnguidance

Life/work balance is something so many of us struggle with. My transition back into the working world after almost 5 months off to train, prepare and bicycle across the country has not been too challenging. I’ve heard from others that have accomplished a similar goal and the transition has been rough for them. I’ve written already about why mine has been smooth… I’m passionate about what I do and love my work! Something that hasn’t been so smooth for me is getting back into work and maintaining a life/work balance that works for me. 

Granted, within a month of ending a bicycle journey across the country, I did decide to move across the country from Oregon to Kentucky first week in November. I had 1.5 weeks in Oregon to move (work and logistics played a role), and once in Kentucky, waited for my belongings to arrive for another 1.5 weeks. The day my furniture arrived was the day prior to me having to leave for Florida to celebrate grandma’s 95th birthday and then off to CT for Thanksgiving. December and January each year is committed to full time work for Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters conference and to make it crazier, I had another contract that started (with Colorado Legacy Foundation) and work meetings in both Houston and Jacksonville in December. I arrived back home after all this travel this past Sunday and decided to figure out the number of days I’ve actually been home since I moved to KY. I have officially been on the road 44 of the 77 days I’ve lived here.

With all that said, I love what I do and travel means being with colleagues I truly love being with. However, when it comes to eating well, being physically active and establishing and maintaining a routine for sleep, work and play, it gets challenging. I get home this upcoming Sunday from Miami (here visiting family now) and have a full month in Kentucky without travel. During that time, my hope is to establish my routine… yoga, swimming, running, cooking again, meeting people in Louisville. I know once that routine is established, all other pieces fall into place. I feel better- in shape, stronger and more rested!