Hashtag Health Matters 2014

That's taking up most of my time these days and it's a blast. I work as the content lead for the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative's annual conference that serves to highlight success stories and best practices of individuals, businesses and organizations promoting the health and wellbeing of Americans. It's basically a day of commitments. It's not just people sharing what they hope to do, or what their passion is, but fully committing to new programs, updating or creating new policies and fostering partnerships. It's an exciting event to be a part of.

My role as the content lead is quite fun. I have the opportunity to talk with all the people sharing a featured pledge, moderators and panelists. I get to guide them through the run of show and my hopes from them from a content perspective. I have about 10 other smaller responsibilities throughout the conference, like working with the production company to make sure slides are accurate with panelists names and titles. I read everyone's 150 word bio and edit for the program. But, the content for this conference is my responsibility. 

We have an excellent slate of moderators and panelists this year and as soon as I can share those publicly, I will. Get excited, however, we have some amazing people sharing amazing work and personal stories! 

So, tune in on Tuesday, January 14 to http://www.clintonfoundation.org to watch the conference live-streamed. Engage by using the hashtag for this conference (#HealthMatters2014) to send in questions and comments. Yes, moderators will see questions pushed through via Twitter and Poll Everywhere and use them. We are striving for a conference without walls, so be a part of it!