New Opportunity for Cairn Guidance!

As we open our doors again for work after a three-month bicycle-trip sabbatical, a great opportunity has come our way. I have been asked to serve on the Board of Directors at RMC Health in Colorado. I am honored to have been asked to participate in an advisory roll for this innovative non-profit within the school health field.

I initially worked with RMC Health (previously Rocky Mountain Center) when I was working at the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) in 2004. ODE contracted with RMC to provide training and technical assistance for the Healthy Kids Learn Better (HKLB) Cadre. The HKLB Cadre supports health and physical education teachers through no-cost training events on policies, practices, curriculum implementation and programs. I started building strong relationships with RMC as a result of their support. I was also a participant in the first national Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT) training in Portland, which served as a pilot years before the tool was available to the public. RMC has always delivered strong technical assistance and training to states around the country. Even though leadership and staff have shifted over the years, the current environment has demonstrated to be effective and successful. When President Sharon Murray formerly asked me to be part of the Board in the spring, I needed some time to consider it, seeing as though I was leaving for a three month bicycle journey across the USA and was not 100% sure of my professional plans post-Road to Rhode! After the successful trip, I contacted Sharon to hear more about the opportunity. I decided to commit to being on the RMC Board because:

·      I believe in their mission and vision;

·      It is a great opportunity to continue to build partnerships and relationships;

·      I am passionate about making schools healthier places and paid work isn’t the only way to do it;

·      Growing an organization, with intention, is exciting work;

·      I want to learn and grow professionally and this opportunity offers that.

As of a few weeks ago, I was officially voted in as a Board member. I am excited to build partnerships and help provide direction and leadership for RMC Health and I am looking forward to my first remote Board meeting on December 12!