Post-Time Off

So, as I begin consulting again, after taking about 6 months MOSTLY off (ok, one contract that was part time developing a national school health initiative), I've been considering how Cairn is different from Bogli Consulting. I launched Bogli Consulting in 2006, briefly after leaving the Oregon Department of Education.

Now, six years later, we have some different goals. We hope to spend more time with youth. That may include Positive Youth Development work, or facilitating youth through advocacy workshops. We'd like to focus some of our work on school employee wellness. We are building a "Cadre Toolkit" that will be available on our site. We hope to support states that do not have dedicated Coordinated School Health funding and work with them to build their own internal capacity like we supported in Nebraska . See this new (and fabulous!) NACDD article about that work here:
Thinking Outside the Box: Building and Sustaining School Health Programs in State Health Agencies without Dedicated Funding

We are motivated to try and successfully work on the goals listed above. Finally and most importantly, we believe in relationships. We love developing new partnerships, however, having the opportunity to continue to work with the colleagues we deeply respect all over the country is what keeps us going!