Cairn   /ke(ə)rn/  (noun)

A mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.
A guide or marker on a hiking trail or path.

Health and learning go hand in hand. With the competing pressures that schools and communities face, the health and well-being of our youth are oftentimes not prioritized. Cairn Guidance believes that the core of a community is how it functions as a collaborative entity to elevate all of its members. We work to connect and position schools, government entities, non-profits, health systems, and community organizations to enact systems change and evidence-based strategies to advance the dual goals of health and learning.

Creating places of health and well-being where
all youth are healthy, connected, educated and achieving their full potential.

Watch Jess Lawrence, Director, on KET Health Three60 share what Cairn Guidance is doing to help prevent drug use among adolescents here.

Jess, at Cairn Guidance was just the right Program Officer to help the Foundation’s Social Innovation Fund grantees transition to a sustainable future. Her organizational skills helped her ability blend program monitoring, training and technical assistance roles - both on individualized site visits and in group workshop settings. Jess’ knowledge of the philanthropy landscape helped grantees identify potential institutional sources of further funding as well as hone their skills in seeking individual donations.
— Susan Zepada, CEO Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky